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Moka coffee pot

Moka coffee pot

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Savour the rich and bold flavour of Italian-style coffee with the Moka Pot. This classic stovetop espresso maker is designed to brew delicious coffee using the traditional method, capturing the essence of coffee in every cup. Compact and durable, the Moka Pot is the perfect addition to your camping coffee kit, ensuring you can enjoy a genuine coffee experience wherever your adventures take you


Lightweight Aluminium body

Non-heat conductive handles

Different sizes to suit your needs:

50ml: 13 x 6cm ~1 person

100ml: 13.5 x 7cm ~2 persons

150ml: 15 x 7.7cm ~3 persons

300ml: 18.5 x 9cm ~6 persons

450ml: 21.5 x 12cm ~9 persons

600ml: 24 x 12cm ~12 persons

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