In-tents camping puns for max cringe!

In-tents camping puns for max cringe!

I was sat at a campsite one sunny afternoon, casually watching life go by when I saw someone ran through. My first thought was;

That person can only ran through the camp site, because it’s past tents.

It was at this point that the idea to share equally as useless camping puns popped up (like the tents). 

And let’s be real, is it really a camping adventure without someone bringing the cringe factor?

Here is a list of my favourites for you to share with those that matter regardless the situation, to hopefully make everyone a happy camper!


#1 "I fernly believe in the quality of my hiking puns!"



#2 "Dew you love morning walks in the woods?"

#3 "What you were saying about hiking really peaked my interest!"

#4 "Camping: like many of the best things in life, it’s tree."

#5 "I need my alone pine."

#6 "I really lake going on adventures!"

#7 "You can’t have your kayak and eat it too!"

#8 "Home is where the park is."



#9 "My adventure puns are high quali-tree."

#10 "These bad camping puns really yurt me."

#11 "I camp help it."

#12 "RV there yet?"

#13 "How do you learn more about spiders that live in the rainforest? Check out their website."

#14 "These views are unbe-leaf-able!"



#15 "Thank you very match for starting the fire."


Do you have something exceptionally cringe that's not on the list? Let me know what it is and if I get enough I'll write another one!

I hope you've found something that made you chuckle, or even just chuck a little. Until next time, adventurers!

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